The Ghana Cocoa Growing Research Association Ltd.

GCGRA Ltd. was set up to manage a trust set up in 1968 by the late John Cadbury to support research into the improvement and development of cocoa growing in West Africa and elsewhere, with particular reference to the challenges faced by the small-scale cocoa grower. It has a number of shareholders, including Mars Inc., Mondelēz International and the University of Ghana. GCGRA has supported a number of short projects including post-graduate placements for West African students in UK and Ghanaian universities. However, in recent years GCGRA's research funding has been contributed to long-term projects, principally:

The Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP)
A large-scale cocoa breeding initiative in Ghana to improve the seed gardens of today and develop the clones of tomorrow...view more ›››
The Bonto Murso project
Investigating the potential use of economic trees for cocoa shade.
"Research that is focused on the needs of the West African cocoa farmer"