The Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP)

The Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP) is a large-scale cocoa breeding programme which is developing high performance planting materials capable of producing high yields of good quality cocoa even under heavy pressure from Phytophthora megakarya and other pests and pathogens.

Incorporating a large green field site (219 ha) and excellent facilities, including a world class nursery, MMSP builds on the research underway at CRIG (Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana), focusing on establishment ability, vigour, growth habit, yield and quality. Links with COCOBOD's (Ghana Cocoa Board's) network of seed gardens will ensure Ghana's cocoa farmers have access to the high performance planting materials they require.

MMSP was initiated in 2005 as a joint venture between Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) and GCGRA Ltd (a UK based scientific research association managed by representatives from the chocolate industry and the Universities of Ghana Overseas) with co-funding from the Government of the Netherlands. A new four year phase was initiated in 2013 with continuing support from COCOBOD, the Netherlands and GCGRA, along with new partners from the industry.

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With over 400,000 farm families depending directly on cocoa for their livelihoods in Ghana, and with even more Ghanaians making their living indirectly from the crop, the outputs from MMSP stand to make an important contribution to poverty alleviation and the development of the cocoa sector in the country over the longer term.

"A cocoa breeding initiative to improve the seed gardens of today and develop the clones of tomorrow"