MMSP Research Projects (2)

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Sustained Prosperity from Improved Cocoa Cultivars: The Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP) 2012-2017

Funded by COCOBOD, Embassy of the Netherlands, Accra, Mondelez International, Mars, GCGRA & CRUK
» Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana
(2012 to 2017)
The supply of improved planting materials to farmers is a vital component in ensuring the sustainability of cocoa production. A public/private partnership between Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ghana, GCGRA and its sister organisation CR(UK) Ltd, Mars and Mondelez International will contribute over €4million to the continuation of a major breeding programme, the Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP) over four years. MMSP’s work will lead to Ghana’s seed gardens supplying farmers with new varieties which have been tested for their performance in an area affected by the devastating Megakarya form of Black Pod disease. In the longer term it will also develop improved clonal varieties which will be at the heart of the modernisation of cocoa production.

The Mabang Megakarya Selection Programme (MMSP): Establishment Phase

Funded by CRIG/COCOBOD, GCGRA and LNV Sustainable Cocoa Subsidy Scheme (Dutch Buffer Stock)
» Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana
(2005 to 2009)
A major new breeding programme with the objective of new planting materials with high yield in the presence of damaging pests and diseases, and which can deliver fermented and dried cocoa beans of traditional Ghanaian quality.
"A cocoa breeding initiative to improve the seed gardens of today and develop the clones of tomorrow"