Conservation of Cacao Genetic Resources

Access to cacao genetic resources is crucial to the development of the new planting materials needed to improve farmer livelihoods and the sustainability of cocoa supply. Yet these genetic resources are at risk due to inadequate and unstable funding for the collections that conserve them. The industry associations WCF, CAOBISCO, European Cocoa Association (ECA) and the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC) are reaching out jointly to their members since there is an urgent need for the global cocoa sector to come together to address this challenge.

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The CRA is leading the effort to broaden the base of industry funding to support these resources, in partnership with the leading global research-for-development organization Bioversity International, and WCF.

CRA is a not-for-profit scientific research association currently supported by Mars, Mondelez International and ICE Cocoa Futures Europe.

CacaoNet is the Global Network for Cacao Genetic Resources, coordinated by Bioversity International with member representatives from research institutes and organisations that support cocoa research.